The Twins Clinic

The Twins Clinic is the only private antenatal clinic in Sydney that is dedicated to women who are having twins or triplets. A multiple pregnancy is enormously exciting, but it comes with some special considerations. In medical terms it is always regarded as a high-risk pregnancy. You will need closer monitoring, with more frequent appointments and scans. The Clinic is here to help you navigate the unique challenges that come with having twins.

The Clinic is located in St Leonards on the North Shore. We accept patients from anywhere in NSW, provided you are able to travel to Sydney for regular pregnancy appointments and to give birth here in one of our local private hospitals.

The Clinic is run by Dr Colin Walsh, who is an Obstetrician and Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist at North Shore Private Hospital and The Mater. He is an expert in caring for all types of twin pregnancies. He provides up-to-date, evidence-based care in line with best-practice international guidelines. Dr Walsh has run specialised twins clinics in both Australia and Europe. He has previously cared for more than 500 high-risk twin and triplet pregnancies. He has published extensively on the management of twin pregnancy in the scientific literature.(1-4)

The Twins Clinic provides complete care for your pregnancy, including antenatal visits, all obstetric ultrasounds, twin birth and post-natal medical care. Most importantly, women attending the Clinic for pregnancy do not need to attend ultrasound scans at a separate imaging provider. Dr Walsh is a recognised expert in advanced fetal ultrasound. Your twin scans and your antenatal care are both provided in the same location, on the same day. Because the scan results are available on the spot, Dr Walsh can discuss the findings with you immediately; you can plan your next steps together without delay. Our aim is to make your pregnancy experience as smooth as possible.

Advanced Care Brings Better Outcomes.

Every twin pregnancy is high risk. The chance of pregnancy complications is much higher with 2 babies, particularly premature birth and fetal growth problems. Twins have better outcomes and fewer complications when cared for by an obstetrician with extensive experience and knowledge of managing twin pregnancies. (5,6) In the best maternity hospitals around the world, twin pregnancies are now cared for by Maternal Fetal Medicine Obstetricians. Until now, the gold standard of MFM care has only been available for twin pregnancies in the public sector. The Twins Clinic was established to offer first-class specialist care for women expecting twins who prefer to birth in the private sector. We offer expert care in a dedicated clinic, with less running around for the patient and no waiting for scan results.


Ultrasound is the cornerstone of modern twin pregnancy care and should be performed by an experienced clinician. All ultrasounds at the Twins Clinic are personally performed on the latest ultrasound equipment by Dr. Walsh, an ultrasound expert who has performed more than 5,000 ultrasound scans in high risk twin and triplet pregnancies. As well as scanning our own twin patients, we regularly offer expert 2nd and 3rd opinion scans for complicated twin pregnancies.

Twin Birth

These days, most women expecting twins deliver by caesarean section and Dr. Walsh is highly experienced in twin caesareans. We also offer vaginal twin birth for women with uncomplicated twin pregnancies where Twin 1 is in a head-down position. Dr. Walsh is one of the few obstetricians in Sydney who is very experienced in vaginal twin births and will happily support this option as long as it is safe for you. All triplet pregnancies should be delivered by caesarean section.

How to make an appointment or get more information

Please call the rooms on 02 9987 0966 or email [email protected]
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