Specialist Obstetric Ultrasound

We provide the highest level of pregnancy ultrasound available – Maternal Fetal Medicine ultrasound. Women can attend our practice for obstetric ultrasound scans, even if they give birth elsewhere.

Dr Colin Walsh, who is an Obstetrician & Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist, personally scans each woman who attends our practice. Colin has over 20 years’ experience in obstetrics and has performed more than 20,000 obstetric scans. He is a recognised expert in advanced fetal ultrasound, the diagnosis of fetal abnormalities, ultrasound-guided amniocentesis/CVS, and complications including twins/triplets, fetal growth restriction and problems with the placenta. Women are regularly referred to him by other obstetricians for second opinion & management of complex pregnancy issues.

Traditionally, ultrasound performed by a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist has not been available to every pregnant woman. MFM ultrasound in the public system is only accessible after certain complications are identified, not by a woman’s choice. In contrast, Dr Walsh is happy to see any woman who wants the reassurance of being scanned by an MFM specialist. This applies whether the pregnancy is low-risk or high-risk. Colin accepts referrals from GPs, obstetricians and eligible midwives.

The results are discussed with you immediately. This is one of the significant advantages to being scanned by the same person who interprets the images. Colin counsels you about any problems identified on the scan. If appropriate, we will arrange further tests such as amniocentesis/CVS without delay.

We offer the full range of specialist obstetric ultrasound scans. Please click on the links below for more information :

Your referring obstetrician or GP receives an electronic copy of the report directly after the ultrasound scan. You receive a copy of the report to take away with you.