North Shore Private Hospital or the Mater For Birth?

North Shore Private birth suite

We’re lucky to have both North Shore Private Hospital and The Mater Hospital nearby; two first-class private hospitals offering comprehensive birth services. You really can’t go wrong in choosing either hospital for your birth. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference. I encourage you to tour both hospitals, to see where you feel most comfortable.

Do you recommend one in particular?

No, I’m perfectly happy for my patients to attend either hospital. Both are excellent, with recently renovated birth suites, top-notch medical facilities and on-site special care nurseries.

Each hospital has a fantastic team of experienced midwives to support you during birth and on the post-natal ward. Also, most of the local medical staff (anaesthetists and paediatricians) work at both hospitals, so you have access to the same great team regardless of where you deliver.

There is a friendly competition between the two hospitals for the title of best maternity hospital in Sydney – the teams are constantly trying to come up with new services to outdo each other. This means our patients are the big winners.


The two hospitals are only 10 minutes apart on the Pacific Highway.

North Shore Private is located in St Leonards, just behind Royal North Shore public hospital. It’s the closest hospital for women coming from the Lane Cove, Ryde, Hunters Hill and Inner West areas.

The Mater Hospital is located on the border of Crows Nest and North Sydney. It’s closest for women from North Sydney, Mosman, the CBD and Northern Beaches areas.

Researching the hospitals

Friends and family members may be able to recommend one of the hospitals based on personal experience – it’s always great to have first-hand insight.

You can also check out both hospitals online, or phone the Maternity Bookings Offices for more information.

The Mater Hospital

• Web:
• Maternity Bookings Office (02) 9900 7690.
• Facebook:
• Instagram: @MaterMaternity

North Shore Private Hospital

• Web:
• Maternity Bookings Office: (02) 8425 3950
• Facebook:
• Instagram: @northshoreprivatematernity


Contact the Maternity Bookings Office for up to date information on hospital tours.

Antenatal Classes

Both North Shore Private and The Mater provide a comprehensive menu of antenatal classes. It’s well worth reading their maternity education pages and picking out the classes that apply to you:

Gidget House

One of the most exciting developments in the past year has been the partnership between Gidget House and our two private hospitals. Gidget House provides emotional support to women during pregnancy and new motherhood.

There are now Gidget House offices and specially trained midwives at both The Mater and North Shore Private. Every pregnant woman is offered an appointment with one of the midwives to discuss their thoughts and feelings around pregnancy. A number of my patients have taken up this opportunity and had really positive feedback about the experience.