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Vaginal birth

I am very supportive of vaginal birth, including Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) and vaginal delivery of twins.

Should it be necessary, I have extensive experience in performing safe assisted deliveries. I have safely delivered more than 1,000 babies by instrumental vaginal delivery. Having done a 3-year fellowship in female pelvic floor disorders, I also have detailed knowledge of the effects of different modes of birth on the pelvic floor. The safety of you and your baby, as well as protecting your pelvic floor, are at the forefront of my mind when considering an assisted delivery.

I also perform External Cephalic Version for appropriate patients who have breech babies at term. ECV means turning the baby in the womb from breech to head-first, allowing you to try for vaginal delivery.

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I am very experienced in performing caesarean sections, including in women with previous abdominal surgery, bowel disease and other conditions where a highly skilled surgeon is required.

In addition to having performed more than 1,000 caesarean sections, I have also published articles in the medical literature on evidence-based caesarean techniques, as a guide to best practice for other obstetricians.

I firmly believe in informed patient choice. If, after discussing the pros and cons, you decide that your preferred birth is by caesarean section then I am happy to support your choice.


Postnatal check

Postnatal care for mother is extremely important to prevent and, where necessary, treat infection and post-birth complications. Evidence shows that women who receive postnatal care are less likely to suffer from postnatal depression and are more likely to continue breastfeeding.

In the days after your birth, I will visit you in hospital to ensure you are recovering well and getting all the support you need. These initial days are also the perfect time to take advantage of the services offered by the hospital, such as new-baby classes and breastfeeding assistance. It’s important that you feel confident and ready to take your baby home.

I usually see you back in my rooms 6 weeks after your birth. The 6 week postnatal check is an opportunity for you to talk about yourself, your body and your feelings. At this visit, I will make sure you have fully recovered from the birth, talk to you about how you are coping with new motherhood, perform a cervical smear if due and talk through your options for contraception.

Preparing for pregnancy

Pre-conception advice to optimise your health for pregnancy

Preparing for pregnancy
Congratulations, you're pregnant!

Congratulations, you're pregnant!

Caring for your pregnancy